About us

Progress Group is a family-owned and operated home services company with multiple divisions serving the communities along the Sunshine Coast. Operating out of Roberts Creek, we serve the Sunshine Coast from Port Mellon to Egmont.

Starting out in 1998 in North Vancouver and operating as Hunter Home Works, we provided our clients with residential and commercial renovation, construction, repair and property maintenance services.  In 2007, we decided to move our home and our business to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and we absolutely love it here! We quickly outgrew our humble beginnings and have expanded to better serve our clients and fulfill their needs.  Our team of local employees, trades people and suppliers love what we do and strive to provide the best service, quality work and experience with every project.

Progress Group is a relationship focused service provider, forming trust and respect is at the forefront of our conduct and our commitment to quality. Progress Group stands for an emphasis on diversity of skills and abilities delivered through a partnership approach with home-owners and our employees. Progress Group is about delivering services and home solutions at the highest caliber of quality and customer value. Each project is a collaboration with our clients, facilitating the transition from idea through to delivery in a comfortable and confident manner.

At the core Progress Group is a team of experienced leaders, dedicated to fresh perspectives and an energetic approach to home-owners. Our passion is evident in our work at every stage from concept and design to development and completion.

The reputation we’re building is one of genuine care for clients, innovative projects and a determination to keep projects on time and on budget.

We’ve found that the best ideas and greatest satisfaction is achieved through collaboration with our customers. Progress Group has a genuine consideration for our customer’s needs, building a relationship first to ensure the best understanding of the requirements. Openness and accountability is the ongoing mission of Progress Group, where our team supports the customer throughout the process with timely answers and updates on progress Group.

We are looking forward working with you and providing you with our full range of homeowner services.